rethinking the early years
bloom house is a multidisciplinary educational space for children 0-2. We offer babies and toddlers the opportunity to attend a structured learning environment, while accommodating to each family’s schedule. Our curriculum fosters childhood development through play by offering them an array of classes throughout the day, to attend to at their own convenience, and with the company of a caretaker.
We believe that the way to raise independent and autonomous individuals is to offer them lots of love. Studies suggest that for children aged 0-2, cognitive and behavioral skills are best developed when they have a 1-1 relationship with a primary caregiver throughout the day (Oster, 2019). We have founded bloom house to provide parents with the opportunity to accompany their children during their first years of learning. Our program easily supports families who decide to delay traditional schooling until their child is older, as well as families who wish to complement schooling with after school classes.
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