bloom house was born out of need.

Upon arriving from the USA, our founder Victoria, an avid education freak, and a recent mother, found herself with nowhere to go with her baby daughter. She looked for high-quality flexible education that could support a bilingual child, and focus on early stimulation of her young yet fast developing brain. She did not want to send her to daycare yet, so found herself out of options.

Victoria founded bloom house in her own living room, but soon they had ran out of space. She is excited to spark love and confidence for music, the arts and language development in children.

The house aims to be an extension of your home. A space where we take off our shoes, play together, and a space where you can join the number of classes that works for you and your family. We want to disrupt early education and tailor it to our families’ needs. Our classes are offered throughout the day, and they are designed to accommodate children within the 0-2 age range.

Like in a family, we believe that children have a lot to learn from their peers: the older ones by modeling to their young peers and the young ones by looking up to their older peers. For this reason, we do not group children up by different ages, but we do accomodate activities to childrens' developmental abilities throughout the class.

We are very excited to have partnered with Zentro Urban Yoga, our friends from many years ago. It is a sanctuary of peace, where learning will be enhanced and great memories made.

children first

our curriculum is centered around what children need at their stage of development. They lie at the crux of every decision made: from the layout of the space, to the flexibility of the schedule, to curriculum design. They come first.

education, rethought

rather than traditional schooling with enrollment fees, fixed hours, and same student body throughout the year, bloom house offers classes along the day so that each family can pick their favorite time to come, the right class that tends to their desire and a rotating pool of peers to get to know!

security as the foundation for autonomy

we believe that the way to raise independent and autonomous individuals is for them to feel unequivocal love and support in the early years. This is the main reason why we promote learning alongside a primary caregiver, to allow our children to bloom alongside the security and confidence given by their adult.

language immersion:
the best version

we do not teach english, we teach in english. In bloom house, english is the only language spoken to our children, as research suggests that the best way to acquire a new language is to be fully immersed in it.

learning through play

play is the first language our children speak, it is how they communicate. For this reason, all classes at bloom house revolve around play.

all children are born artists

that’s right, Picasso said that. At bloom house, creativity is the core of our curriculum design, since imagination and wonder are innate in all our children.